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    Esquel popular festivals

    The popular festivals of Esquel contain charm, entertainment, fun, culture, history, production and economy. Unmissable on a travel itinerary!

    30 de September, 2021

    Immersing yourself in the culture and history of what will be our destination is an essential part of every trip. Beyond entertainment and fun, it is a real pleasure to know its origins and development. For this reason, we want to introduce you to the popular festivals of Esquel, impossible not to include any of these in your travel itinerary.


    The city ​​of Esquel is the scene of nothing more and nothing less than the National Ski Festival. Tourists from the province of Chubut and other parts of Argentina and the world congregate in this city, during the winter, to be part of this celebration that combines the adventure on the snow with the Patagonian tradition. 

    The appointment is at the La Hoya winter resort, one of the typical activities being the election of the queen and her princesses with local, regional, provincial and national representations. In the same way, the Artisan Fair is held and there you can buy regional products and artisan pieces made by the inhabitants of the town and neighboring sectors.

    As is the tradition of these festivities, musical shows with artists from the region and the rest of the nation cannot be missed. In the same way, there is an ax competition in which a dance stands out as it is a family event. Meanwhile, the Municipal Gymnasium becomes the headquarters of the Esquel de Invierno Expo.

    To the aforementioned, the Fiesta de los Flapos is added, characterized by a race of young men through the streets of Esquel with the accompaniment of the candidates for queen. The celebration ends at the end of the day with the “Night of Fire at La Hoya“. Between torch descents, the official presentation of the new queen and her princesses takes place.

    The event, whose origin dates back to 1979, is part of an initiative of residents and merchants of Esquel who at that time, sought to promote “snow in spring“. It was in the next edition that this provincial festival took on a regional character. Since then, it is celebrated every year in the winter season. Confirm with our specialists the exact date of the event and experience one of the best popular festivals in Esquel. 


    This festival is celebrated in El Hoyo, a city whose winds and climate protect nature and give firm step to the production of fine fruit, turned into a protagonist of the economic activity of the place. Not in vain has it been declared the National Capital of Fine Fruit in 1986.

    Since then, the festival has been held every January, exposing the artistic and cultural manifestations of local productive work. All this, in the midst of the variety of landscapes that make up this mountain town: green valleys, magical transparent lakes, majestic rivers, imposing mountain ranges.

    Locals and tourists will be able to taste fresh and elaborated fine fruits. In the same way, they can acquire products and handicrafts from the region. Simultaneously, the music festival, conferences, meetings and exhibitions that are directly related to the theme of the party are held. Of course, the producers are always present.

    Sports activities are also carried out, among which are: cycling, football, equestrian events and even motor racing. The nights are dedicated to the cultural artistic show that unites regional and national artists on the same stage.

    There are 3 days of festivities in El Hoyo, a city near Esquel. So if you will be around these parts at the beginning of the year, you should include it in your itinerary. It will be wonderful to combine these two Chubut destinations and, for this, we invite you to contact our travel specialists. The Moebius Viajes team will be happy to help you put together the best itinerary. In the same way, we invite you to know the alternatives we have for this destination.


    The tortilla is an ancestral food –mapuche- so delicious that even country families enjoy tasting it. But why is this celebrated? This event held in the province of Chubut aims to honor this typical dish that, in addition to being delicious, has a unique way of preparing it.

    It consists of a round dough that is made with flour, water and salt. The key is in the way of kneading and cooking, which is done on the ground under hot ashes. A process that, of course, you will know during the celebration that takes place in February of each year.

    The festivity that enhances this gastronomic delight is usually accompanied by many other activities such as: stands, gaucho skills and even horse riding. The appointment is in Trevelin, specifically in Sierra Colorada (20 km away). A place that, although small, brings together locals and tourists from Puerto Madryn, Trelew, Comodoro Rivadavia  and of course Esquel.

    The National Fiesta de la Tortilla al Rescoldo had its origin 11 years ago, after a group of residents of that community decided to revalue this rich ancestral dish. As you can see, it is one of the most delicious popular festivals in Esquel.


    On the first of October of each year the season tulip in Trevelin begins. This is a majestic flower that cannot go under the table, to the point of having a celebration on these same dates.

    It is the Tulip Festival of the province of Chubut, which takes place specifically in Trevelin. A Welsh town that is located 25 km from Esquel, so if you are in these parts for October you should not miss the opportunity to attend this event.

    You will be delighted with more than 20 species of blooming tulips grown in a three-hectare field. It is a natural spectacle without equal, beyond the beauty of this plant, the largest tulip-producing enterprise in Argentina.

    And it is that, in case you did not know, the cold of wintermild and the spring of this destination combine perfectly with the benefits of the Patagonian soil, an exemplary setting for the floricultural development of the famous tulip. All this process you will know in the celebration.

    The landscape is fascinating: we are talking about long multicolored slats that become one behind the meandering furrow formed by the rivers Nant, Fall and Percy. They are the tributaries of the immense Futaleufú that crosses the mountain range until it reaches the Chilean Lake Region.

    Are you going to travel to Esquel? So don’t miss out on this wonderful experience. There is an exclusive excursion that departs from Esquel to the Tulip Festival. Contact our travel specialists or the respective reservation with the operator of your preference. Ask about the night alternative.

    These are the popular festivals of Esquel. Unmissable for any tourist! If your travel date coincides with any of these, do not hesitate to send us a whatsApp through the previous link, we will help you to put together your itinerary so that you do not miss any of the most special attractions of the town and the province of Chubut.

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