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    Futaleufú excursion, from Esquel to Chile!

    The Futaleufú excursion translates into a visit to a magical destination in the extreme north of Chilean Patagonia, Palena province.

    30 de September, 2021

    Did you know that while being in Esquel you can take a getaway to Chile? This is possible thanks to the Futaleufú excursion, a magical destination from end to end, after thanks to its unprecedented natural settings. Located 10 km from the border with Argentina, in the extreme north of Chilean Patagonia —belonging to the province of Palena— it is a picturesque place with fascinating natural settings.

    Its name comes from the Mapuche language and means “Rio Grande“. Since we are talking a little about its history, you should know that this town was colonized by Chileans who entered this valley from our country. The relationship between both nations was so close that, over the years, Argentine customs and vocabulary had a considerable influence on Futaleufú.

    How to access? There are many routes and means of transport. It can be by air, sea or land. From Esquel, for example, there is a transport company that makes trips to the border crossing El Límite, where buses that lead to the city are boarded. However, the best option is to book the excursion to Futaleufú with our travel specialists.


    Everything! Only the transfer from Esquel to Chile is magical. This area of Patagonia includes basins of lakes and rivers of glacial origin that flow into the Pacific Ocean, as well as abundant vegetation and volcanoes. Meanwhile, the Futaleufú commune preserves the charm of the southern town. Belonging to the X region of Chile, it is characterized by wooden houses with fireplaces.

    As if that were not enough, it is in the middle of fascinating landscapes. Among these, the deep canyons that cross the Futaleufú River stand out, as well as the Espolón and Yelcho lakes, which impregnate everyone who visits the place with peace. Additionally, you can visit other majestic places such as: Chaitél, Palena and the Termas del Amarillo. Very attractive!  

    TIPS FOR HIKING Futaleufu

    ·         To cross to this destination, use the Río Grande-Futaleufú Ríver Pass, which is 60 km from Esquel. How? Through National Route 259 that allows taking Provincial Route 17 and then a detour along Provincial Route 44 for a total journey of 130 km from Esquel.

    ·         Verify the documentation required to enter this town. Remember that you cross the border with Chile and, consequently, you must comply with a series of immigration requirements. In fact, there are conditions for the entry and exit of products. There is also an operating schedule for the border post, and it is appropriate to highlight that, to date, it is closed due to the Pandemic time that we live after Covid-19

    The ideal is to hire the Futaleufú excursion which includes everything: from the transfer to the activities and visits to the most fascinating places in this destination and the accompaniment of a guide. So don’t wait any longer and contact our travel specialists, they will give you all the help you need, with the opportunity to put together your travel itinerary combining the best excursions.

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