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    Quick guide to travel to Jujuy

    With this travel guide to Jujuy you have at hand important details for a stay in this magnificent destination.

    16 de December, 2021

    Jujuy has among its borders many of the most beautiful landscapes in Argentina, but also many places of great cultural value and activities of all kinds for tourists. In order for you to have more precise references, we bring you this quick guide to travel to Jujuy. The idea is that you can familiarize yourself with this destination and better plan your itinerary. 


    Jujuy has a main commercial airport that is used to travel throughout the province. The airport, whose name is Gobernador Horacio Guzmán (identified with the initials JUJ), is located a few kilometers from the capital and is the fastest way to get there.

    Another excellent way to access it’s by land, through buses. For this, there are several companies that make this trip from different points of Jujuy and other cities in the country. Traveling in your own car is also an excellent option, understanding that the routes in general are in very good condition.

    Consult more details of the routes you must take and the transport companies that are operational, in our special article on how to get to Jujuy.


    Throughout the entire province of Jujuy there are many places to visit and a variety of activities to do for all tastes and types of travelers (solo, family, adventurers, nature and culture lovers). Thus, you can confirm it in our special note on the best excursions in Jujuy. In short, there is a lot to do in this Argentine place.

    This province has must-sees such as: San Salvador, Purmamarca, Humahuaca, Tilcara, Hornocal, Salinas Grandes, Calilegua National Park, Las Yungas, etc. At Moebius we have travel itineraries that combine the best sites and tours based on your type of trip, duration and tastes. Contact our specialists and set up your schedule with the help of the experts!


    Jujeña gastronomy is another attraction of the province. Throughout its territory you can taste very diverse local dishes that, besides being delicious, present us with the flavors of each region. Among these we have: tortillas, locro or tamales.

    Take a look at our special article on what to eat in Jujuy. You can taste them not only in the most famous places in the province, but also in popular restaurants and street stalls. 


    Jujuy has a significant number of sunny days a year, offering a very benign and pleasant climate for tourism in general. Despite the temperature changes, typical of the regions and seasons, Jujuy can be visited at any time, guaranteeing a wonderful experience. 

    However, it is important to have some considerations when visiting some areas. For this reason, we recommend that you read our written work on the climate in Jujuy. You will have a more precise reference on this subject and, in this sense, it will be easier for you to define when to travel. Also check the  seasons to travel to this wonderful place.

    This quick guide to travel to Jujuy summarizes the most important information for a traveler. In case you require more information about this wonderful province, you just have to contact our travel specialists. Additionally, they will advise you on everything you need, including reservations for accommodation, excursions and even air tickets

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