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    Summer holidays in Esquel

    Summer holidays in Esquel are extraordinary. The natural attractions of this destination are fully experienced and the climate keeps being cool!

    30 de September, 2021

    There is everything to do during a summer vacation in Esquel. The climate of the season allows you to fully enjoy each natural setting of this Patagonian destination. The days are sunny and just as cool: with perfect mornings for a visit to the lake, afternoons that give us the best view of the mountain range and nights that are ideal to share with a bonfire. Where should the adventure start, though?

    There are endless activities and excursions to do.You just have to choose based on your tastes and expectations as a traveler! The alternatives are: land with trekking or horseback riding, lake with boat navigation or water sports, train ride and even frozen adventures. You will not believe it, but the snowy peaks are still observed in the winter season.

    The secret is knowing how to allocate your time and, for that, we invite you to communicate with our travel specialists. From experience, they will help you put together the itinerary. Remember that there are activities that you cannot combine for the same day, understanding that some are full day and others have a long distance from each other. In the same way, we mention the unmissable options for a summer vacation in Esquel.


    As we talked previously in our special article about Los Alerces National Park, there are 2,596 kilometers of a wonderful Patagonian forest. This protected area is made up of the largest Valdivian jungle in Argentina, hosting the majestic lakes: Futalaufquen, Verde, Rugar, Rivadavia, Menéndez and Amutui Quimei, as well as the Arrayanes river. 

    The flora of the place is fascinating and the fauna exotic. To live it, you have several options, such as: floating on the Rivadavia River, horseback riding through the native forest or on the banks of lakes and rivers or learning about history in the middle of the Chubut River valley with a visit to the Piedra Volcánica Protected Natural Area. The latter, in addition to being magical, has practice trekking of low-difficulty among which the geoforms arises.

    There is also a recreational walk for the Senda de los Rifleros (Welsh). This activity includes history, adventure, mountain landscapes and steppes where large canyons and birds such as the Condor are sighted. 

    •         ICE TUNNELS

    Surely, when you hear the name of this activity, the word winter comes to mind. It turns out that at the beginning of January of each year, ice tunnels begin to form at the top of Cerro La Torta in Esquel. A unique natural spectacle that we can enjoy only for a few days. Learn more about this phenomenon, which has become a tourist attraction, by clicking on this link.

    In addition to the experience of living in that place, the transfer includes an ascent through lengas and aguadas forests, crossing mountain streams. The view is breathtaking as the heights that are reached in the route give us a splendid panoramic view of the National Park and the Larga lagoon

    It is at the highest point of the summit, where vehicles are left to begin a trek that borders the Irigoyen stream. After 20 minutes, we come across a spectacular waterfall below which are the imposing ice tunnels. Without a doubt, it is a must-do on a summer vacation in Esquel.


    We tell you that in the Pueblo Alto Mountain Center there is a canopy circuit. For those who do not have knowledge, we tell you that it is a sports activity that allows the transfer through platform areas that are located in the trees, in this case, from a wooded area near Los Alerces National Park.

    Currently, the experience can be lived in three operating stations. You can choose according to the adrenaline that your body asks for. The options are: 75 meters, 100 meters and 350 meters, accompanied by a trek through the Fontana stream canyon. This walk lasts approximately two and a half hours.

    •         RAFTING 

    Continuing with the adventurous wave, it is appropriate to mention rafting down the Corcovado River. This place is ideal for this sports-recreational activity, since the current of the water and its difficulty allow you to enjoy rafting descents without the need for prior experience in this activity! 

    To the aforementioned activities are added as many as cycling along the health path (6 km route), agritourism in the tranquility of the Andes (guided walks through the crops of this organic farm), visit to the Futaleufú Hydroelectric Complex (work of engineering built in the 70s), and many others that you can learn in more detail in our article on the best excursions in Esquel.

    Without a doubt, the summer holidays in Esquel are not wasted. For more precise data on this destination, including the weather of the season, you can consult our travel guide to this wonderful Chubut destination. Don’t forget that our travel specialists are available 24/7 for advice or if you need to put together your travel itinerary. 

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