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    Travelling with children on the End of the World Train will be a unique adventure. This mythical means of transport takes us back to the 19th century among fascinating natural landscapes.

    14 de January, 2021

    A must for families planning a visit to Patagonia Argentinais to travel with children on the End of the World Train. An austral fueguino railway that connects the city of Ushuaia with Tierra del Fuego National Park and, in addition to giving us stunning views of the area; goes back to the 19th century. A time when it was created to transport firewood and supplies to the local criminal.

    After the above, it is considered one of the most fantastic means of transport in the region. Travelling aboard this mythical train will be a great experience with the smallest guys and travelers, of whom it is already one of the favorite attractions of this destination.

    The adventure begins at The End of the World Station, from where all railway formations depart. Children will be able to peek into the platform to see how trains are cleaned and prepared and even enter workshops where their parts are made and assembled. There are 5 locomotives in operation and with their respective names; “Camila” the most emblematic and protagonists of photos together to the prisoners (boys and girls in disguise) who will very joquely accompany you to get on the train.

    They are 8 km along which its passengers, comfortably seated, will be able to contemplate peasant settlements typical of the ancient Yamanas tribes and wonders of nature such as the Cañadón del Toro and the Pipo River. The first stop is at La Macarena Station: passengers can get off and walk a few meters to the waterfall to delight in its beauty and take photos. After a few minutes, we continue to Tierra del Fuego National Park where it descends and the locomotive changes direction for the return.


    However, there is also the option to make the visit to Tierra del Fuego National Park with very pleasant walks for the family (no carts as there are no walkways). If you hired an excursion for it, they will automatically wait for you to return to the starting point; but if you decide to take the ride on your own Don’t forget to let them know they’ll be back on the next train!

    It will all depend on the tastes and needs of the family. There are no physical risks or demands that can trigger the tiredness of children or their parents. In fact, the moderate effort allows travelers to do other activities – later – in the city.

    It’s a half-day tour, so you don’t have to bring lunch (this meal can be done once you arrive at the hotel or downtown). However, it is recommended to bring some snacks for the kids in the middle of the morning. At the End of the World Station there is also a place where souvenirs, bathrooms, tables, chairs to wait or hang out are sold.

    But how do you get to the place? We tell you that there are several ways to get to the station, from the city of Ushuaia and travel with children on the End of the World Train. It can be by private car, by taxi, by transfer or on an excursion. To give you a clearer idea, you can take a look at our article on how to get to Ushuaia, routes and means of transport .

    In that last case, you’d have to study the option. Remember that these group walks are complemented by other activities, warranting an itinerary that you will also have to analyze. Check the options via Whatsapp. For us it will be a pleasure to help you plan and have the best of adventures.

    Step back in time aboard the End of the World Train!

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