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    I felt the adrenaline rush of sledding with Huskys dogs in Ushuaia Fun and unforgettable experience for children!

    14 de January, 2021

    Nothing better for a family adventure over the snowthan a sledding ride pulled with Huskys dogs. It is the perfect opportunity to live, together with the children, an adrenaline-fuelled experience; in the midst of fantastic nature and the best? Next to these little animals known as “man’s best friend”.

    In addition, you can feel part of the history of Ushuaia. And it is that as it was remembered, this is one of those breeds of dogs that helped the Eskimos in their daily tasks; rightly, pulling the sleds. There is no doubt, beyond its elegance, the Siberian Husky is also intelligent, independent and above all! Worker.

    Don’t be afraid for possible contact with the boys. Although it is a breed of large dogs, these specimens are very friendly. In fact, between family they are so good and affectionate that they tend to feel people as members of their herd; an instinct that comes from his ancestors. But what is the perfect season to live the Husky Experience?


    The best season to live the Husky Experience is winter, however and fortunately, the snow season extends a little longer. Snowfall is a must for this excursion. So if the weather helps, we can enjoy this appeal from the first days of June.

    Don’t forget to bring your mobile device with the full battery. All the walks at the End of the World give us wonderful landscapes, forests, mountains and, a typical postcard and must in the snow season, is that of the sleds pulled by these dogs that withstand temperatures below zero and winds without inconvenience.


    We are looking for you at the gates of your hotel, in the center of Ushuaia, heading to the Valley of Tierra Mayor; where an instructor will give them a technical talk about dogs and their care. In the middle of a walk through the hatchery, they are explained everything they need so that they can collaborate with the experienced guide regarding the handling of the sled It is not difficult!

    After direct contact with dogs and puppies, having the opportunity to caress them, play and take pictures with them, begins the adventure in sledding with Huskys dogs.

    It’s a fun 2.5 km (about 20 minutes) tour that introduces us up close to the goodness of nature The landscapes are mind-blowing! By ancient lumberjack trails, you cross an ancient forest of Lengas until you reach a small log cabin with wood heating “The shelter of the hachero“.

    It’s base camp. There we say goodbye to the dogs and the guide tells us how the rackets are placed, we need them to start the second crossing Now on foot! Without this footwear we could not walk, since the thickness of the snow usually reaches the meter. The goal is the Alvear Ice Waterfall and the Mirador del Valle, two great natural attractions of the place that we will reach after 1 hour 30 or 2 hours.

    Returning to the shelter gets faster and more fun. It is downhill with snowshoes and, once in place, give us a few minutes of rest in which a hot chocolate is shared. A typical drink of the Patagonian region that serves to warm up and recover energies, to undertake the return to the Great Land, again walking with snowshoes.


    While this tour is great for a day of family fun in the southernmost city in the world,it should be considered that the participants of the Husky experience should enjoy good health and acceptable physical conditions; who are accustomed to or willing to exercise and work as a team. In short, with enough energy for the activity.

    Remember that this walk takes place only during the winter months. Snow is the protagonist, so don’t forget to protect the family from low temperatures by wearing the right clothes.

    There are several layers of clothing (synthetic and lightweight fibers that do not hinder movement) and waterproof trousers with fit at the ankles to prevent water from entering. Shoes should be boots with a thick, rubber sole. See also what clothes to wear at El Calafate .

    Accessories cannot be missing. The helmet and vest, fundamental to your safety. Gloves (waterproof), hats (with fleece lining) and glasses (filtering UV rays). Sunscreen is also important for the face; only area exposed to the sun.

    If you don’t have these outfits at home, you don’t need to make a big investment buying these clothes that you may not know when they will be used again. There is the possibility of renting those suits and accessories. In any of the cities of Patagonia Argentina there are shops dedicated to this.

    With regard to food, you should know that the Husky experience only includes one snack which you can taste in a dining room and is accompanied by the hot coffee mentioned above. However, there are locals on site with some dining options, coffee and snacks. Bathrooms are also available.

    As for the duration, we tell you that this journey on the snow involves about 6 hours between transfer to the property (round trip), the time intended to give the instructions and the activity as such. Which means that you and the youngest must be willing and prepared to spend a good part of the day on the activity. Departure time is at 8:30 a.m. and the return is scheduled for 2:30 p.m..

    Finally, it is important to know that husky dog sledding is usually done in groups of 10 passengers that are located between 5 sleds. From there, let another important point be to book in advance. In that case, you can consult via whatsapp with our travel executives Rates and availability! It is one of the most demanded snow excursions in Ushuaia.

    I lived with your kids the Huskys dog sledding experience!

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