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    The 3 most important events in Ushuaia are perfect to complete your travel itinerary. They enclose history, culture, fun, nature and charm Be part of the traditions of the End of the World!

    14 de January, 2021

    Ushuaia has it all. It is history, culture, nature of fascinating fauna and flora; exquisite Patagonian cuisine; charm, adventure, fun and, of course, tradition. See the 3 most important events in Ushuaia in this city of the Province of Fire. You could include one in your itinerary, depending on the date you’ve set for the trip and, in that sense, take your End of the World experience further.


    The city of Ushuaia is dressed as a party between July 20 and 22 of each year, with this event that was born by virtue of fostering community ties. Not for nothing, it is characterized by coexistence and sharing through the activities that take place in sports centers, retirement centers and cultural centers.

    It is a great season for this region of Patagonia Argentina. From there it gathers, increasingly, locals and national and international tourists. In fact, there are many museums, restaurants and pubs that have been adding to the holiday.

    But why the Longest Night of the Year? It turns out that this festival takes place in the winter solstice that, in the Southern Hemisphere, occurs on June 21; the sun stays on the horizon just 5 hours (between 10 and 17). In this sense, the central event is a large campfire with special activities in the Lasserre Sports Center: where artistic shows are held with bands of rock, jazz, tango, folklore and other musical genres,

    Without a doubt, a must for those who travel to Ushuaia in winter. That day there is no cold to stop them: their own foreign go out into the street and fill the bars, discos, restaurants and cultural centers that remain open all night between the 20th and 21st.

    But, that’s not all. You can also see the usual beauty of the city of Ushuaia and the Beagle Canal impose yourself with the Torch March and the Fireworks Show, which take place in the vicinity of the Enclosed Bay. It is a show like no other and, therefore, one of the main attractions of this celebration. To live the experience, is to want to repeat it, not in vain leads this top of the 3 most important events in Ushuaia.


    In Ushuaia the month of April begins with the Night of Vigil, as part of the commemoration of Veteran’s Day and the Fallen in the Falklands War the Goal? To convey to the new generations, the importance of these dates; of that 2 April 1982 when the Argentine Armed Forces landed in the Falkland Islands, to regain the sovereignty that the British Armed Forces took from us in 1833.

    It is an activity of respect with actions of recognition of those Argentine soldiers who died defending our patrio soil and, likewise, those who managed to return home but physically and psychologically affected.

    The Night of the Vigil was held, uninterruptedly, for 24 years; until 2020 it had to be suspended as part of the preventive health measures, activated after the Pandemic by covid-19. The activity was carried out in a virtual way, being broadcast on Fueguina Public TV.

    Hoping that this significant tradition of the End of the World, you can resume the coming 2021; we leave it as a suggestion to know a little more and be a part of the history and culture of Ushuaia. A city of Tierra del Fuego Province that, without doubt, goes beyond a majestic nature. So if you plan to travel in Next April, do not hesitate to include Vigil Night on your itinerary. The homage is made on the battlefield itself, at the Air Force Pilots Monument, on the coast.


    Imperdible del mes de agosto. La Bajada con Antorchas del Martial es un evento mágico que tiene lugar en el Parque del Fin del Mundo; en conmemoración del Día del Montañés, establecido por el Ejército Argentino para enaltecer la labor de quienes trabajan en la montaña.

    Si bien el Día del Montañés tiene lugar el 5 de agosto en concordancia con la festividad de la Virgen de las Nieves “Patrona de los montañeses”; la Bajada con Antorchas se realiza cada 3 de agosto. Ese día, residentes y turistas disfrutan de una jornada con espectáculos artísticos y musicales, sorteos, cortometrajes y realidad virtual

    They also taste a hot chocolate waiting for the central event: the Torch Descent from the top of the Martial Glacier, which stars expert skiers. A spectacle like no other, to which rituals are added such as: the ignition of the doll of bad omens. The audience present participates by burning papers with messages expressing the evil energies from which they want to undo.

    If you are planning a trip to Ushuaia in August, do not miss the opportunity to present the event that illuminates with torches this natural monument of Ushuaia. In addition, you will find a renovated mountain center. The 2019 edition of the Bajada was made with the hand of a growth process with improvements to Cerro Martial Parque del Fin del Mundo

    These are the 3 most important events in Ushuaia. Surely, now that you know them, you’ll want to live one of these. So don’t hesitate to contact our travel advisors. Based on the parties you want to experience, they will help you assemble a travel itinerary. Remember that the idea is to enjoy and not get tired or overwhelmed; so that they will help you combine excursions and activities based on schedules and difficulties.

    In fact, if you wish, you can combine excursions with accommodation, transfers and food, through travel packages that also include air tickets. If you are interested in this option and want to know more, you can take a look at the 5 best itineraries to travel to Ushuaia.

    I lived Ushuaia from its traditions!

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