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    The winter holidays in Ushuaia are amazing thanks to the favorable weather of this season. The cold is not so raw and snow sports are presented as a magnificent attraction of this destination.

    14 de January, 2021

    Although temperatures drop much lower in winter, the ushuaia cold is not as intense at this time. On the contrary, this city of Patagonia Argentina provides a favorable climate Even! Those who resist considering a holiday in this season. Not for nothing, this city receives a lot of people this season.

    The average temperature is 2oC, although certainly the days of winds increase the thermal sensation that normally drops to -2oC. The big difference between winter and summer is marked by hours of sunlight. In other words, in winter the days are short, just7 or 8 hours.

    Still, you can do everything a little bit. The winter holidays in Ushuaia are the perfect opportunity to combine all kinds of excursions: from walks in Tierra del Fuego with a trip aboard the End of the World Train, to visits to museums and alpine skiing that presents itself as one of the must-haves of the time .


    Let us remember that one of the natural goodness of the southernmost city in the world is its mountains. Covered in snow, they not only give us an attractive white cloak in sight of large and small, own and foreign; but become preferred for alpine skiing and dog sledding

    From June to the first week of October, Cerro Castor is presented as the best option for frozen adventure. In addition to enjoying a “powdered” snow whose quality is ideal for experts, fans and beginners, children or adults, in short, the whole family; is located just 26 km from the city.

    From there, you can combine your journey over the snow with other typical End of the World rides even in one day! There is a wide range of options for everyone’s entertainment; being another typical attraction of winter: diving trips. Definitely great for true cold lovers.

    We’re talking about an unprecedented water excursion. It is done nothing more and nothing less than under the waters of the Beagle Canal, delighting us with the spectacular, imposing and majestic marine flora and fauna of Ushuaia. Of course, those who dare to immerse themselves in this adventure have the accompaniment of certified divers and are equipped with the necessary dry suit and implements. It’s a matter of consulting operability and possible restrictions.

    The truth of the case is that there’s still so much more to be done. There are frozen lagoons and so many other outdoor walks including the city, the Martial Mountains, the Maritime and Presidio Museum in Ushuaia. Learn more about these places and more on the top 10 excursions and tours in Ushuaia .


    The first thing to keep in mind is that the weather in Tierra del Fuego is so unpredictable that you can live all 4 seasons of the year in one day. Whether winter or summer, in a day you can experience various degrees of thermal amplitude and weather conditions; so, you have to be prepared for cold and heat.

    Calm down, achieving it is easy. The key is to dress in the “onion style”, that is, warm, but by layers of clothing; so that you can unbutton as it warms you. And it can happen that in the morning there is a radiant sun, then wind and hours later rain.

    Of course the snow is a fixed one this season, but, you should keep in mind that in urban areas temperatures rise a little compared to the mountains. In addition, both accommodations, restaurants, shopping, tourist transport and commercial premises, have heating to alleviate the effect of low temperatures on uncoupled bodies.

    So, what clothes to wear for a winter holiday in Ushuaia

    •         Coat: a waterproof jacket is recommended, as snowfall can surprise you at any time.
    •         Layered clothing: allows us to take off clothes as the day progresses and be able to wear them again later. That’s why you have to follow an order. For example: lighter clothing should be the one that makes contact with the skin. Thermal T-shirts, divers, fleece coats and cotton are recommended; technical clothing to cope with very low temperatures in case of excursions outdoors or in the hills. For snow adventures, thermal underwear is suggested to help maintain leg temperatures.
    •         Stockings: thermal stockings fall well for the winter season. It is suggested to carry an extra pair in the backpack and up totwo, if you go hiking. Remember that if your shoes fail, you can get wet and not only is it uncomfortable but will contribute to the cold in your body.
    •         Footwear: light and comfortable footwear is essential, but also that shelters us and is 100%waterproof. This will depend on the enjoyment of each activity. It is recommended with rubber sole, preferably with a good grip for walks. Remember that in the limbs of the body is where the body heat escapes the most.
    •         Accessories: as we said in the previous point it is important to protect hands, heads and ears, so leather or thermal gloves, scarves and wool caps are recommended (there are also thermal ones).

    For a winter holiday in Ushuaia you do not have to set aside some extras such as: sunscreen for the face (face and eye contour), sunglasses (if possible with UV filter), backpack or small bag so that you keep your things and do not get in the way during walks and excursions, thermos with water or matte for the road.

    If you go to Cerro Castor where, of course, you will require more specific winter clothes; keep in mind that you should not necessarily make a big investment in this clothing. All the apparel and accessories for a snow adventure – skiing or snowboarding – are rented in the shops set up in this winter center.

    In case you prefer to buy, we tell you that in this city of Patagonia Argentina you can buy winter clothes at very good prices, considering that Ushuaia is tax-free

    So you’re going for a winter vacation in Ushuaia? Do not hesitate to consult our travel advisors. They will help you assemble your travel itinerary for a day or everyone you want to spend in Tierra del Fuego. Remember that from the experience, we will help you combine the excursions without wasting time, or recharge! Always guaranteeing your comfort, tranquility and enjoyment from start to finish.

    I’ve had a winter adventure in The Land of Fire!

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